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Terms and Conditions of Prostalk Safaris

Client refers to any person(s), purchasing and/or participating, in any capacity, in a hunting and/or adventure safari with Prostalk Safaris. The Client must carefully read the following Terms and Conditions, and is advised to do the same of all documentation from Prostalk Safaris. Payment of non-refundable deposit, or any part thereof, hereby constitutes agreement by the Client to the Terms and Conditions set forth below.

Rights Reserved
Prostalk Safaris reserves the right, if and when so deemed advisable, to cancel a hunting safari prior to the departure from the point of origin. In the case of cancellation prior to departure, the Client is entitled to receive from Prostalk Safaris a refund of all amounts received by the company out of the monies paid by the Client and such refund constitutes full and final settlement of all claims that the Client may have against Prostalk Safaris for such cancellation of the safari.  Prostalk Safaris reserves the right, at any time after commencement, to terminate the safari, when events or circumstances deem this course of action to be necessary for whatever reason, which may include but is not limited to the Clients’; misconduct and/or failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth here, or any action which causes a danger to himself (the Client) or others. Additionally, Prostalk Safaris cannot be held responsible for violations of national or game laws by its’ Clients. Prostalk Safaris reserves the right, at any time, to deny the Client permission to shoot an animal for any reason.

Prostalk Safaris shall not be liable for any misrepresentations of its available services and/or costs made by the Agent or if for whatever reason it is unable to perform its obligations or carry out any related activities, if such failure is caused by events beyond its reasonable control preventing it from performing such obligations or carrying out such activities including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing; acts of God, any military action, labour disputes, riots, fire, acts of restraint by government authorities, loss, accident, illness, injury or death. Prostalk Safaris cannot be held liable or responsible for, but not limited to accident, injury, illness, death, loss of property or damage to property during the safari or any expense arising from such events.

Liability of Agent
Agents act only as intermediaries between the Client and Prostalk Safaris, which is an independent party and, as such, Agents have no control over their actions, personnel, equipment, services or goods. Accordingly, Agents shall not be liable for loss or damage to property, death, injury, whether physical or mental, substitution of equipment or facilities, mechanical defects or failure however caused. Prostalk Safaris makes no guarantees or promises of success, either expressed or implied. Any guarantee or promise made by the Agent shall be the Agents’ sole responsibility to assume. Client is hereby advised that expeditions to wilderness areas for purposes of hunting or adventure travel is or can be of a Dangerous or Hazardous nature, therefore, any Client undertaking such an expedition assumes a dangerous risk which includes a greater scope of risk than an ordinary risk.

Reservation and Payments
The safari reservation dates will only be confirmed once the full amount of the deposit (50% of the Package rate) has been received by Prostalk Safaris. Prostalk Safaris retains the sole right to accept or refuse proposed reservation dates. The non-refundable deposit (50% of the Package rate), required to confirm the reservation dates, will be applied to the total cost of the safari. Payment of the balance, the remaining 50% of the daily rates, is due not later than 90 days prior to the commencement of the safari. Prior to departure from Prostalk Safaris, Client shall be required to pay the full amount due, in an acceptable form of payment, for trophy fees and all additional costs that have been incurred (any additional expense or service not defined by the company as included). Prostalk Safaris regards only the following as acceptable forms of payment (in UK Pounds): bank transfers that have been received prior to clients’ departure from Prostalk Safaris, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro) or cash. Personal cheques, traveller’s cheques and bank certified cheques cannot be accepted as payment. Wounded game which is not recovered is considered as hunted and is subject to payment of the listed trophy fee. Government tax of 14% is NOT applicable on exported trophies, however the government tax of 14% is applicable and payable by the client. The possibility to hunt another specimen is dependent upon approval by the Professional Hunter. All prices are in UK Pounds and are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation and Refunds
All cancellations must be submitted to Prostalk Safaris in writing. Refunds, due to cancellation, will only be given on the amount in excess of the non-refundable deposit, which has not been previously paid to third parties, before the refund deadline, ninety (90) days prior to the commencement of the safari, after which time no refund will be made on any part of the amount received. Should occurrences, unrelated to Prostalk Safaris, affect the scheduling of the safari, all attempts will be made to adapt to the circumstances of the Client, but no refund will be given if the safari cannot include the number of hunting days purchased. The hunting safari may be postponed only if the company consents in writing, Prostalk Safaris reserves the right to issue a limited time period in which the safari must be completed.

Air Travel
All air travel arrangements are the responsibility of the Client, Prostalk Safaris will not be liable for losses or costs incurred due to untimely processing of airline reservations, airline problems, weather or unforeseen events of travel. Obtaining any necessary visa is the sole responsibility of the Client. Visa requirements vary from country to country. We will however make the Airline booking on your behalf. You will be notified of the cost of the tickets payable on booking.

Prostalk Safaris will also undertake to obtain UK Export Permits on behalf of the Clients. We will also issue an “Hunting Invitation” and the “South African Hunting Permit”

Prostalk Safaris strongly recommends personal trip cancellation insurance, as well as medical, travel accident and baggage insurance. If the Client desires insurance which provides protection against financial loss, it must be taken independently. Prostalk Safaris does not provide trip cancellation or any other type of insurance whatsoever on behalf of the Client. On arrival at the Hunting Lodge the Client’s will be required to sign a “Disclaimer Form”

Trophies, Skins Etc
All trophies remain the property of Prostalk Safaris until full payment for the Safari is received.

Once Prostalk Safaris has delivered the Clients’ trophies to the appropriate third party, taxidermist or shipping agent, it no longer assumes any responsibility whatsoever for its damage or loss. We will gladly assist our clients in the event of a complaint.

Governing Laws
Disputes between Client or Agents and Prostalk Safaris shall be governed, interpreted and enforced pursuant to the Laws of the country, state, province or locality in which the safari takes place.


Please read the independent reviews from some of our customers that have
been on an adventure with ProStalk

Steve Bull

Mr and Mrs Bull 14 Broomfield road, Newhaw, surrey, KT15 3BL   Reference for Prostalk I have known Derick stocker the owner of Prostalk for a few years and had some good trips in the UK undertaking wild boar and Red deer shooting I arranged with Derick to take me on trip of a lifetime to Africa to hunt and what a trip. We hunted all the species that I had asked him to arrange trophies such as a 46inch sable 28inch water buck and lots more I would have to recommend Derick as we got a lot more out of our trip than we could ever have imagined. My wife Lynn shot her first ever springbok and our team and guides were very patient and fully committed to ever aspect of what we wanted out of our hunting.   As a first we landed on ProStalk to arrange my now wife and I to get married while on safari at sunset on the sand dunes of the Kalahari. I have to say that this was 110% and credit to them all that were involved for this task as normally geared up for the full hunting package they had to arrange and deal with a wedding as well as all the hunting. Well done to you all In summery I would recommend that you give this great outfit a try as they are fully committed to supply exactly what they say and lots more. I have to say I will in doubt be returning with Derick for another great trip for more conquests soon. Regards Steve and Lynn Bull

Emily Padfield

Emily Padfield On behalf of my partner Mark Warner and I - I would like to recommend Derek Stocker as a genuine, first class hunting tour operator. We met at the shooting show in February, and having decided on a trip to Africa we visited and spoke to a number of companies, we decided on Prostalk because of Derek's openness and honesty. We both travelled to South Africa for a cull package and can honestly say that it far exceeded any expectations we both had. He delivered everything he set out and so much more. Derek is an unassuming chap, but he knows both hunting in the U.K. and abroad, so can tailor trips to what individuals are looking for. We have met friends and had experiences that will remain with us forever, thanks to Derek setting up such a wonderful trip, with both fantastic,challenging hunting and great company. Truly the stuff dreams are made of (sorry for the corniness!).  So much so that we hope to join Derek on this German boar trip and again next year in SA. Mark would be happy to speak to anyone via phone (he's not into Facebook ?) to explain more.  Thanks again Derek and your team for such a wonderful and successful trip in May and look forward to seeing you soon.

Les Baker

My first trip to Africa and for it, I chose ProStalk Safari and I was not disappointed. Living in Wiltshire Derek the boss of ProStalk picked me up on his way to Heathrow. I was a bit concerned about getting my rifle, all my ammunition and my shotgun through, Heathrow, through Johannesburg and out at Kimberley, everything went smoothly. It was tedious as they checked the guns at every point and there is quite a lot of paperwork to complete but Derek guided us through all of it. The same on the way back. We were met at Kimberley by the Rob Klemp and looked after by Derek and Rob right through the trip. There is never a shortage of anything plenty to drink, eat and we entertained ourselves although, to be honest, the days were busy so it was good to get into bed each night. The accommodation is basic but clean and tidy, the food was great a good variation and some local delicacies just what a group of hunters want. So how was the hunting? Well, you will not be disappointed, I wanted to shoot Springbuck, Impala and Wart Hog I got to shoot all 3 and I added, Blesbuck, Kudu, Wildebeest, Steen Buck and Red Hartebeest as well. It was a management package I had booked but I was not disappointed with the animals I shot. You do cover a lot of ground and the vehicle is essential but I shot from foot as well as the vehicle. Adding to the excitement of the trip they took us Sand Grouse shooting twice, great little bird and we did well once we got into it with shooting 120 birds on our second outing with 4 guns. We also went out on 2 evenings lamping and shooting Spring Hare, which was great fun. Would I go again, yes, would I go again with ProStalk Safari, I am already booked in for next year.

Tony Charlton

Wild Boar, Guntersen, Germany 14th September – 20th September 2016-09-23 Although I have shot driven boar several times I have always flown to the location, this trip organised by Derek Stocker of Prostalk gave both me and a friend the opportunity to drive via the Hull Rotterdam overnight ferry followed by a 4 hour drive on the Autobhans through the Netherlands and Germany to Guntersen. The idea was to use high seats at night and possibly stalk early morning, there was also a chance of shooting during the maize harvest but due to a slight mix up we arrived too late to join in, pity because the rest of the party got 4 or 5 good boar.  Arrived at the gasthaus in the village and prepared to go out that evening, met our guide Thomas who sited us in good high towers near feeding areas, and with a near full moon rising the portents were encouraging. The intention was to sit out until about 2 am in the moonlight with the strict instruction not to shoot any sows and do not go looking for anything shot!  Shortly after 10pm I heard some noises in the bushes and in the gloom made out a dark shape moving around, as it came out into the moon light I could see it was a wild boar – male or female??? I was using my binoculars and a hand held thermal but struggled to identify the sex until it turned sideways and I could easily see the spinal crest, I quietly cocked the Blaser R93 and placed a 7mm Rem Mag 160 grain round into the beasts chest at about 35 yard range. The joys of night shooting – totally lost vision due to the flash and there was no boar in sight – did I miss? I didn’t think so but I followed instructions and did not go and look.  About an hour later another boar came under the high seat – same one? I pondered, slowly cocked the rifle again but as I manoeuvred in the tower to get a shot I made a small noise – end of feeding boar, boy was he quick to vanish.  Decided to call it a night around midnight and returned to the hotel for an inquest, we decided to have a short sleep and go out again at 4:30 for a stalk.  Off we went back up to a different part of the forest but had a fruitless trip, Thomas then decided to get his dog out and we returned to the high tower I had taken the shot from. About 25 yards past the possible shot site the dog found a single spot of blood, he quickly followed a trail into the undergrowth and 10 yards further on found the boar quite dead shot through the chest, some 70 yards from the tower. I would never have found it the previous night.  It weighed about 50 kgs and had what appeared to be a small set of tusks but I sawed the snout off anyway and took them home – turned out to be a respectable trophy when mounted. Nothing came in range for the rest of my trip although we heard and saw them at a distance and the turned up earth was fresh every day. Summary A good trip and compared to “driven” more relaxed and a lot less strenuous for the more mature, Thomas tries as hard as he can being extremely professional and has plenty of boar around in this area and I am keen to return and also to try the maize harvest experience. Off duty hours were spent either sleeping or visiting local gun shops and also on the Driven Boar Cinema Range about 10kms away – what an experience, almost as good as the real thing. It was great having the car as we could carry so much more gear and spare rifles etc.  Tony Charlton