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Tony Charlton

Wild Boar, Guntersen, Germany 14th September – 20th September 2016-09-23 Although I have shot driven boar several times I have always flown to the location, this trip organised by Derek Stocker of Prostalk gave both me and a friend the opportunity to drive via the Hull Rotterdam overnight ferry followed by a 4 hour drive on the Autobhans through the Netherlands and Germany to Guntersen. The idea was to use high seats at night and possibly stalk early morning, there was also a chance of shooting during the maize harvest but due to a slight mix up we arrived too late to join in, pity because the rest of the party got 4 or 5 good boar.  Arrived at the gasthaus in the village and prepared to go out that evening, met our guide Thomas who sited us in good high towers near feeding areas, and with a near full moon rising the portents were encouraging. The intention was to sit out until about 2 am in the moonlight with the strict instruction not to shoot any sows and do not go looking for anything shot!  Shortly after 10pm I heard some noises in the bushes and in the gloom made out a dark shape moving around, as it came out into the moon light I could see it was a wild boar – male or female??? I was using my binoculars and a hand held thermal but struggled to identify the sex until it turned sideways and I could easily see the spinal crest, I quietly cocked the Blaser R93 and placed a 7mm Rem Mag 160 grain round into the beasts chest at about 35 yard range. The joys of night shooting – totally lost vision due to the flash and there was no boar in sight – did I miss? I didn’t think so but I followed instructions and did not go and look.  About an hour later another boar came under the high seat – same one? I pondered, slowly cocked the rifle again but as I manoeuvred in the tower to get a shot I made a small noise – end of feeding boar, boy was he quick to vanish.  Decided to call it a night around midnight and returned to the hotel for an inquest, we decided to have a short sleep and go out again at 4:30 for a stalk.  Off we went back up to a different part of the forest but had a fruitless trip, Thomas then decided to get his dog out and we returned to the high tower I had taken the shot from. About 25 yards past the possible shot site the dog found a single spot of blood, he quickly followed a trail into the undergrowth and 10 yards further on found the boar quite dead shot through the chest, some 70 yards from the tower. I would never have found it the previous night.  It weighed about 50 kgs and had what appeared to be a small set of tusks but I sawed the snout off anyway and took them home – turned out to be a respectable trophy when mounted. Nothing came in range for the rest of my trip although we heard and saw them at a distance and the turned up earth was fresh every day. Summary A good trip and compared to “driven” more relaxed and a lot less strenuous for the more mature, Thomas tries as hard as he can being extremely professional and has plenty of boar around in this area and I am keen to return and also to try the maize harvest experience. Off duty hours were spent either sleeping or visiting local gun shops and also on the Driven Boar Cinema Range about 10kms away – what an experience, almost as good as the real thing. It was great having the car as we could carry so much more gear and spare rifles etc.  Tony Charlton

Giles Jeffery

I would love to write a long essay about April’s trip to Kimberly, South Africa but there’s just too much to include in a short ish testimonial. The flights were as you might expect, long and tedious but to be fair I couldn’t fault South African Airways for their service....Economy Class is Economy Class after all. The three of us were able to check our rifles in at Heathrow with very little fuss and this continued all the way through to Kimberly. We had anticipated some delays so took the later afternoon flight from Johannesburg but in truth we were through in plenty of time to have taken the earlier one. We were met by our host and PH Rob Klemp and his wife and taken straight to their home where we would be staying in a small lodge adjacent to their house. Much as I would like to discuss every single aspect of the 8 days hunting this is a testimonial and not an article. But the memories of my Black wildebeest and Two Gemsbok rank among some of the best.